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Monday, October 9, 2017

Custom BIRT Merit Compensation Statements
Sample Comp Statement

Here's some notes on our implementation of a custom BIRT Compensation Statements.  As I promised you - 99% of everything we discussed was available in Workday Community.  I thought tossing the information out on a blog was the most useful place for it.  That way, you don't have to take notes.

Where to find more Information?

My report is here

My .rptdesign is here.

The notes I found on the dynamic dial from the BIRT community are here.


  1. I created a Custom report which held all the fields we were going to use.  The report is based off of the PBO "Adjustment For" which controls the compensation statements
    1. I needed to create a bunch of calculated fields which brought data into "Adjustment For" to pull in commission data, Bonuses paid, and other compensation elements
  2. I created a merit statement in BIRT which utilized the custom report.  A few lessons learned here:
    1. Name your grids.  It's good practice.  It makes it much easier to work your way through the outline.
    2. We wanted to display dynamic text for salary/hourly employees.  some simple JavaScript allowed this:
    1. Start your merit statement with a 1x1 grid, and bind your PBO to it.  This way if you have smaller grids to display RBOs, you can easily utilize the row.__rownum functionality.
    2. The "Script" menu allows you to place JavaScript within objects.  This allowed me to associate report values to the min/max of the dial.
    3. You can utilize the visibility property to "hide" RBO grids (LTI, Commission, Bonus, etc).  For example, I did not want to show LTI if the employee did not have an award.  The expression builder helps here.


  • I was under the impression you could not have a custom compensation statement be hidden from end users until the release date.  I devised a boomerang integration to send the statements to the manager's W: drives, so the employees never were delivered the statements.  I was wrong.  Don't do what I did.  Utilize the functionality workday gives you as part of the combined merit process to deliver a compensation statement (release merit statement).

What's up Next?

There was a request to pull live YTD salary data into this report.  We're not sure if we'll honor it.

I'd like to tighten up the commission fields and add some prompting so we can reuse the report with minimal changes from year to year.  Right now, I have to change some calculated fields.


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