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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Workday Rising 2019 Thoughts

I'm fairly fresh off the plane from Orlando (and still thinking about the massive Uber mess in Philly when I got home), and I wanted to put down a few notes about my third Rising experience. Here's my top 8 list of take-aways from Workday's biggest user conference.

Sharing at the Share-a-thon
  1. If you're not Sharing, You're Doing it Wrong - This was my third Rising and my first as a speaker - and If you've never attended and want to make a business case for going to Workday Rising, this is it: You have 13,000+ people who are sharing your user experience on a product. Workday even gives you a space for Braindates with other customers. Have a novel use case? Share it - you never know who else could be having the same issue. Product Management is here too. Oh, and show up a day or two early and take advantage of David Epstein's Share-a-Thon. In all seriousness, I took away hundreds of hours of time savings in my time on Sunday alone. And that was before Jerry Seinfeld took the stage.
  2. Machine Learning is Here. In a Big Way. When Aneel Bhusri started his keynote on Tuesday, I believe the third or fourth time he said "Machine Learning" he also said, "you're going to get sick of those words." What was future-lingo in the HR space is now very real.  And, Workday Skills Cloud is the spine of ML for Workday. I took the time to attend a few other sessions on Machine Learning and Skills Cloud.  The next 12 months are key for Workday, but if they can deliver on skills-as-a-infrastructure - things like Talent Acquisition, Learning, and Career Advancement in Workday are going to essentially become super powered. 
  3. Don't forget about Blockchain in HR.  I always thought of blockchain as a "web-enabled"
    safety deposit box where you can give people temporary access to "stuff".  Well, Workday thought of credentialing as the "stuff" you put in the box. 
    Great idea! Right now, in healthcare the acquisition and maintenance of credentials is big business, and a massive on-boarding time-suck. Giving prospective employees a place to put that data (which as employees we worked hard to get and own), and then giving a temporary "key" to employers, just makes sense. We got a preview of the Wayto app on our phones. There's not much there right now. I really hope this is a functional item by the time the next Rising comes around, and I'm loading up my PMP and Pro certs into Wayto (or even better, I have employees doing so).
  4. So are Bots. They're not coming for our jobs - yet.  The use cases for Chatbots are limited at this time. 
    Teams bot
    For the Slack/Teams integration, which is in a limited use beta, there's really only 4 use cases:  Time Off, a "whois" type integration, interview feedback, and "guides" - which is essentially a deep link into Workday. What I've been screaming about with regards to bots is that this is Transformational in HR. One of the issues we've experienced in HRIS is that in ESS/MSS this usually means "learning another system" or "lots-o-change management".  Placing ESS/MSS in a natural work space (like Slack) eliminates the change aspect. Just ask the bot when you want to take off, or your balance.
  5. And the UI is a-Changin' - User Journeys, People Experience, Tiles, Enterprise Search,
    Knowledge - all of this is heading to a much improved user experience when the new UI decides go grace us with its presence in 2020R2 and beyond. I, for one, welcome the change - as one of our experience pain points is being able to surface relevant information at the right time.  I'm definitely excited to be able to improve that experience. Additionally, Workday has introduced a knowledge platform. This is clearly a shot at other competitors (who recently coughed up a CEO). I'm quite interested to see if there's going to be opportunity to further consolidate our software portfolio.
  6. Cloud Platform seems to be ready for Prime-Time There's over 40 customers live.  Lots of use cases. I have two of my own. But the first organization to build a viable educational assistance app in Workday is going to have a large following. Workday-as-a-Service is definitely here.
  7. Workday Definitely Knows How to Have Fun - Now, we got there early and rushed to Diagon Alley for our Escape from Gringotts, but even though the lines may have reached 60 minutes, the trip to Universal Orlando was a blast. I didn't see too many frowns for my few hours at Universal, except for a report about gastric distress on the Jimmy Fallon ride...
  8. Socks?  Socks for some reason became a Thing at Workday Rising 2019.  Some companies were giving them away at booths. If you have a Pro cert, you got some in your swag-bag. I guess hosiery is where its at for conference-land in 2019?


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